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VerySix 6 Seconds Kissing Lip Gloss 10ml [#Pink]




Brand: VerySix

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It's a magic! After six seconds, the lips will be changed from transparent to light pink color. Contains natural royal jelly, shea butter and argan oil. No preservatives and petroleum by-products. Efficient micro-lock water molecules, to construct a natural protective layer. Rich moisturizing formula provides immediate relief from dry and chapped lips, soothing and smoothing out rough spots for soft and supple puckers.

Gloss and animation on your lips with  SIX Seconds Lip gloss

"After six seconds! check the changed lips"
1. Can make your lips are animated and natural
2. Propolys ingredient make your lips are elastic and moist
3. Long -lasting gloss on your lips
4. Does not matter about gender which is man or women
Natural water light +Glamour lips  70% sweet + 30% sexy  Gold proportion of sweet and sexy

How To Use:
Apply six seconds Lipgloss on your dry lips and wait about ten seconds. Then your lips will be glamour and moisture.


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