Natural & Fresh Blended Facial Blotting Tissue




Brand: Natural & Fresh Blended

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The oil-absorbing at the same time enjoy a touch of Jasmine fragrance, immersed in fresh and well-being.

Product Description:
The faint fragrance of jasmine, allowing you to feel relaxed indifferent mood, as if being in the garden, fresh and elegant. In a busy life,it may relaxing your mood. Take a touch of T-site, between the eyebrows, nose, forehead and other easy oil site, you can oil-absort, restore a matte finish and beautiful face. Stick to take design more convenient to use.

Jasmine Encyclopedia:
India's young people will often give white jasmine to thier a loved one, to express t
he feeling of love, meanwhile the girls will be inserted jasmine in the hair, to express that constant love. Therefore, Jasmine in India called "The Flower of Love". Jasmine have a refreshing effect, emotional stability and relieve depressed.

Green Tea Encyclopedia:
Sencha is local Japan Green Tea. The way of produce is warm fire type of fumigation, the first steaming, rub the drying. The outlook of bright green, sweet taste, astringent. Green tea contains catechins can delay skin aging, improve skin tone; cleansing ingredients to thoroughly clean the face of dirt.

8.3 x 8.3 cm
Capacity: 50 pieces
95% Imported Pulp, 5% Jasmine Essential Oil + Natural Splintered Jasmine




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