My Beauty Diary 2-Step Balancing & Purifying Cleansing Pack



Brand: My Beauty Diary

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Beauty Secrets: 
2-step to complete cleaning and maintenance 
1st step: Mud Mask to clean face - clean x balancing x pores clean, restore skin feeling fresh and bright.
2nd step: Moisturizing mask -Alps glacier water, rich moisturizing skin. 

Step 1 Mung Bean Anti-Acne Mud Mask to excess skin lipid balance and cleaning capabilities to help remove surface dirt and grease to restore the skin's healthy texture, skin presents clear, bright delicate demeanor, combines with witch hazel water, tea peas appease effect, slowing discomfort caused by imbalance within the skin, giving full effect after conditioning fresh flawless skin contact. 

Step 2 
Glacier Moisturizing Repair Mask contents with Macromolecular hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and marine algae extract immediately after cleaning horny required supplementary water molecules, allowing rapid recovery of saturated soft skin the ultimate touch, persistent moisturizing mechanism Cosphingo TM mix of exclusive ingredients arnica, hazel and Kam sunflower extraction appease repair components, improve skin protection force soothe sensitive due to environmental stimuli formed weak feeling discomfort farewell show light through the perfect supple muscles

How To Use:
1. After cleaning mud wrap and gently place on the face, rinse it off about 10 - 15 minutes after rinsing mud wrap and then proceeds to step 2. 
2. Gently place the mask on whole face, you can remove the mask after about 20 - 30 minutes, if the face is still left essence, gently massage helps the skin to absorb, without water washing /rinsing. After mask, apply toner /cream and other routine maintenance program that will lock in the skin moisturizing ingredient.



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