LeanGard Dual Slim Cream x 2 Bottles



Brand: LeanGard

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- Dual-function: firms up loose skin plus repairs muscles 
Not sticky when applied to skin for massage 
Skin becomes soft, smooth and delicate 
Impedes skin ageing through deep penetration 
- Maintains skin’s healthy colour
Main Ingredients:
Forslean, Amarashape, LeanGard, Adiposlim, cucumber extract, hyaluronic acid, licorice, seaweed extract, marine collagen, vitamin E.
Cream of Youth
We all want to look young forever. We fight signs of ageing tooth and nail, with as many methods and products as we can afford. And our skin is the biggest, most obvious sign of ageing there is. That’s why LeanGard’s Dual slimming Cream targets unsavoury parts of our skin to make it better again. 
Massage the creamed areas to assist the cream’s penetration deep into your skin for the best results. The myriad ingredients in the cream perform many different functions such as prevention of rough skin (seaweed extract) and maintenance of skin moisture (hyaluronic acid and collagen). 
Stay young, stay happy with this dual slimming cream! 

How To Use:
- Apply evenly on skin such as waist, arms, thighs or buttocks (Warning: avoid chest area). 
- Massage skin with cream still on. 
- Repeat daily for 10 minutes per session.













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