Lanna Foot Patch x 3 packs



Brand: Lanna

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Latest & Newest Version
We have upgraded our products packaging by changing our former pack to the BRAND NEW ZIPPER-BAG packaging! We have also increased the piece inside every packs to 12 piece from originally 10 piece per one pack!!   

And ONLY the real product has the 10+2 Piece/Pack Sticker putting on it, and also the QR Code Security System Sticker for our nice customers to make sure they get the real one, which can be checked via our Official WebSite only! For more updates in the future, please visit our web site frequently.   

Details of Our Products
Every Lanna Foot Patch consists by many excellent herbs planted in famous herbal gardens in Thailand’s Northern region. Harvested only high qualities that we accept and carefully hand-made pack up our finest ingredients appropriately. With the admixtures like Bamboo Vinegar Powder, which helps detoxify any toxin substances, Calcined Marl, which reduces body’s heat and reduces swelling, Vitamin C, which protects our skin from sunburnt, and many more useful ingredients best selected for the best of your health. 
How To Use
> Remove the patch after using for 6-8 hours. (Recommended period of using is sleeping time.) 
> Paste the herbal patch onto the plaster sheet. (Logo side facing down, black side facing up.)
> Apply the patch with plaster sheet onto both feet sole horizontally.
> Remove the patch after using for 6-8 hours. (Recommended period of using is sleeping time.)
Lanna Foot Patch Properties
> Stimulates Blood Circulation Regulate Inner Body Balance, 
> Improve Immunities,
> Promote Metabolism Expulsion of Body Toxin Relieve The Pain & Fatigue,
> Give User The Relaxation 

Made in Thailand
Take Note
1. Please keep your foot dry when using
2. Foot patches which are not used should be sealed in the plastic bag
3. Please pay attention that the medicament in the foot
4. Patch may stick to your socks or shoes if you put on socks or shoes after using foot patch
5. Store the foot patch in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature
6. When used by children, adult should instruct
7. If the skin appears novel situations e.g. rubefaction or other anaphylaxis, please stop using
8. Consult with skin experts if novel situation occurs 


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