Kao Megurism Steam Hot Eye Mask -No Fragrance



Brand: Kao

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It’s an innovative and super hit eye care product in Japan! This disposable eye pad generates a moderate heat (40 C) to warm, refresh and relieve stress of your eye areas. Suitable for everyone who spends long hour in working or internet surfing. This portable eye pad instantly comforts and soothes fatigued eyes. It also helps to improve blood circulation for reducing puffy eyes and dark circles.No coloring.
How To Use:
Use it after removing makeup for preventing smudge. Unfold the eye pad following the instruction and place it directly on eyes. Wait for 10 minutes and dispose the eye pad after using it. Can be used before sleeping, on planes or in train. Convenient to use while travelling.  
Take Note: 
Do not use any unusual circumstances of the injuries, swelling or eczema.  

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