IvyMaison Must Up Bust Enhance Cream With Pink Dual Cream 0.4ml



Brand: IvyMaison

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Bella Cream is Suitable For
> After breastfeeding
> Small breasts
> Low breasts
> Asymmetrical breasts
> Stretch marks
Don't go the Surgery Route
> Non-invasive treatment
> 200x cheaper than surgery
> Natural look compared to implants
> No recovery time
> No scarring or surgical risks

Bella Cream Must Up breast cream combines several well-known herbal extracts including Pueraria Mirifica, Wild Yam, Kigeline and Green Papaya. These are absorbed after the cream is applied twice daily.

Application is easy and only takes a few minutes. Results vary and as such if you are not satisfied within 30 days we will happily refund 100% of the product cost. This is how confident we are with it! 

Bella Cream Treatment Timeline
Bella Cream is applied twice daily, ideally straight after a hot shower when the pores are open.





Day 1-2: The Preliminary Stage
The cream absorbs through the skin into the breast.
Day 20: The Absorbing Stage
You may feel slight swelling in the breast. Use the cream continuously each day as per instructions.
Day 7-9: The Activation Stage
Continue to use the cream daily.
Day 30: The Stabling and Moisturizing Stage
You can massage your breast with the cream 3-5 times a week to keep them firm and supple. 
How to Use
Apply daily, each morning and evening, ideally after a hot shower.
Step 1 Spread bella cream all around the breast.
Step 2 Bend forward slightly, use both hands to slide the cream from the under-breast in an upwards motion to the upper breast. Repeat this 10 times.
Step 3 Slide hand in a motion from the armpit to the cleavage, again repeating this motion 10 times for each breast.
Step 4 With your middle two fingers, pull several times from the chest ligament - this is helpful to maximize the breast enhancement.
Usage Tips
During the first week of using, massage cream twice a day in the morning and at night. It is more effective to use the cream after taking a hot bath or shower. Remember to wear bras that oroperly fit and to massage your bust everyday.
Active Ingredients
Pueraria Mirifica, Kigeline, Green Papaya



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