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IvyMaison Must Up B.B Candy -Mango Flavors



Brand: IvyMaison

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Main ingredient:
- Pueraria Mirifica 100gm per piece
- Contains juice, papaya Extract, Isoflavone, Glycine Max and Wild Yam; naturally to balance hormones and increase breast size and firmness
- Natural Vitamin C, Collagen Protein, Royal Jelly and Cranberry (contains of proanthocyanidins); enhance your skin more beautiful and smooth

Sugar, syrup, Gelatin, Pectin, cranberry juice, papaya Extract, Collagen Protein, Royal Jelly, Isoflavone, Glycine max, Wild Yam , Vitamin C, Citric Acid ,Flavor, Vegetable coloring , and Pueraria Mirifica Extract 100 mg

- Each pack contains 14 pieces candy
- Suggest test 5 packs 1st; 10 packs as 1 theraphy
- Maximum 2 - 3 pieces candy per day
- Suggest take in morning before meal
- Mango flavors

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