• D-Up Eyelashes Fixer EX 552 EX552 (Pink Bottle Limited)1

D-Up Eyelashes Fixer EX 552 EX552 (Pink Bottle Limited)

RM 59.90

Weight: 20grams

Model: D-Up Eyelashes Fixer EX 552 EX552 (Pink Bottle Limited)

Brand: D-Up

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D.U.P (Japan) Eyelashes Fixer EX 552 (Pink bottle-Limited) is a super-strong holding false eyelash adhesive (fake eyelash glue). It is easy-to-use and is safe on skin. It will stick on your eyelids throughout the day for 24 hours. Its adhesive power is strong and prevent slipping against water and sweat. Fast-Drying!

With this adhesive, your false eyelashes can be used repeatedly. It is possible to peel off your false eyelashes from the edge easily like a plaster. Ladies in Japan and Taiwan are also using this glue to create double-eyelids too!!

Color: Clear Transparent

Size: 5ml

Product Ingredients:
Acrylic Acid 54%, Water 46%

How To Use:
1. Neatly apply the glue to lash band using the brush tip.
2. Position false eyelashes along your natural lashes, following the natural curve along its length.
3. After use, clean any excess glue around the bottle rim, and seal tight before storing.
Take Note:
1. Do not use if wounds or abnormalities. During use/ after use, skin appears flushed, abnormal swelling, itching or pain, stop using it immediately and consult a physician.
2. To maintain the quality, to avoid placing at extremely high temperatures, extremely low temperatures and direct sunlight.
Please keep out of reach of children.
4. Please close it after using.




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