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Yoko Milky Shower Cream

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Model: Yoko Milky Shower Cream

Brand: Yoko

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Natural Supplements for Beautiful Skin Milk Protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Sweet Almond Oil, Yeast Extract.
Yoko Milky Shower Cream is beauty nutrition specially formulated for moisturizing vitamins to allow deep moisturizing into skin. With Milk Protein, Vitamin B3 and Yeast Extract, the skin becomes beautiful, supple and naturally white.
Milk Protein
Maintain skin youthfulness and softness as well as forming a layer to protect the skin hydrate. Maintain skin moisture balance and revel the velvet smooth skin.
Vitamin E
Protect the skin from UV ray while moisturizing and reduces skin toughness.
Vitamin B3
Whitening and moisturizing skin.
Sweet Almond Oil
Keep skin soft and smooth. Relieve irritation.
Yeast Extract
Give the skin a moisture boost and retaining it. Maintaining the skin natural balance.
How To Use:
Pour Yoko Milky Shower Cream onto palm or sponge and gently rub on wet body. Wash off with water.

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