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Kameria Pure Milk Whitening Cleansing Oil

RM 49.90

Weight: 250grams

Model: Kameria Pure Milk Whitening Cleansing Oil

Brand: Kameria

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It containing milk, barley, pineapple enzymes, lactoferrin, can effectively increase the skin moisturizing, water lock function, moisturize and repair dry, rough skin, shiny transparent white skin. Wet and dry with two! In the bath at the same time make-up remover, refreshing and non greasy formulation. Easily removable eyes, lips and other stubborn makeup!

How To Use:
1. A proper amount gently massage for make-up area
2. Dampened with water to continue to massage the entire face.
3. Once makeup is completely removable, rinse with water, and finally with milk cleanser / other type of cleanser to complete the cleaning.
** For waterproof makeup purpose, you can repeat the massage to achieve the clean results/ wet and dry use.

Take Note:
Do not use if wounds or abnormalities.
2. When the cleanser enters the eye, do not rub your eyes, please rinse with water, if not consult a doctor immediately.
3. If rash, redness, itching, irritation, pain, heat or peeling phenomenon please stop using it and consult doctor immediately.
4. Avoid with high temperature or sunlight
5. Please keep out of reach of children.

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