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Lalune Faical Puff

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Weight: 200grams

Model: Lalune Faical Puff

Brand: Lalune

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Product Description:
Only without leaving a cotton pad and cotton in the face 2 microfiber material is soft, comfortable touch
- Size: 140mmx50mm
- Content: 180 installed x1 box
- Main Ingredients: 100% paper fiber
- Manufacturing Origin: Taiwan
- Product Function: Skin Care, Makeup Remover, Shot To Wipe Lotion, Nail Polish, etc.
- Suitable for: General-Purpose

How To Use:
1. A cotton pad dipped in the cleaning cream to wipe away dirt and thoroughly clean the face.
2. Evenly with massage cream, order the implementation of facial massage.
3. About five minutes after the massage, wash the face and pat face lotion to a cotton pad and dip, and then cast Cream.
4. Maintenance face, smooth and detailed, and more radiant.

Lalune Skin Care Tips
1 Selection of appropriate cotton pad:. Paper, fiber cotton pad is not easy residual cotton, applies make-up remover, lotion, rub lotion on attaining or as a powder puff to use.
2 Weekdays cleaning and maintenance:. After washing the face with a cotton pad moistened make-up water to wipe the face clean and moisture.
3 Skin care products to help absorption:. Attaining before, stick make-up water with a cotton pad and gently wipe the face clean and increase the absorption.
4 The simple beauty with a damp cloth:. Cotton pad coated with lotion, about 10 of the spreads in the face off after 15 minutes, effective moisturizing skin.

Skin care, makeup remover, shot to wipe the lotion, nail polish & etc.

Shelf Life: 5 years

Take Note:
1. Different personal skin after use, discomfort, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
2. The surface gently wipe or press on the skin, do not use excessive force to rub.
3. After opening the closed lid to ensure clean
4. Do not use this product out of the product scope.

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