• Hanaka Macaron Facial Mask 10pcs Set Hydrating / Whitening1

Hanaka Macaron Facial Mask 10pcs Set Hydrating / Whitening

RM 69.90

Weight: 300grams

Model: Hanaka Macaron Facial Mask

Brand: Hanaka

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10 Different Types That Target Specific Needs for Your Skin.
Featured ten skin care ingredients, packed into the lovelymacarons.
(Each macaron consists of two halves, each of which is for one use. In other words, each macaron is good for two applications).

Moisturizing Repair Set Including:
1. Hyaluronic Acid (8g x 2pcs)
2. Collagen (8g x 2pcs)
3. Q10 (8g x 2pcs)
4. Red Wine Polyphenols (8g x 2pcs)
5. Canadian Glacial Mud (8g x 2pcs)

Whitening Purifying Set Including:
1. Kojic acid (8g x 2pcs)
2. Vitamin E (8g x 2pcs)
3. Vitamin C (8g x 2pcs)
4. Camellia Sinensis Leaf (8g x 2pcs)
5. Rotorua Mud(8g x 2pcs)

How To Use:
Apply one dose to the face in an even layer, and rinse it with warm water after 15-20 mins

If your skin has wound, rash or other skin diseases, please do not use this product.
Please keep in a dry and cool place.


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