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23 Years Old C-Tragel 15sec Seabuckthorn Cream




Brand: 23 Years Old

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Product Description

C-Tragel is moisture cream to remove freckles and improve whitening effect . it will give a perfect solution to help your skin problems and it is a combination of seebuckthorn oil and four seed oilYou will get effects for improve of skin tone, freckle, skin moisturize and skin clam.

How To Use
At the last step of your basic skin care routine, put adequate amount onto the back of your hand and allow your body temperature to warm the formula up for about 15 seconds (The 15 seconds recipe is
C-Tragel’s secret to the most effective vitamin absorption) before applying evenly to the entire face.

** Due to containing natural ingredients, slight sweating (production of water beads) may be seen in higher temperatures.


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