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Imselene Birds Nest Aqua Sleeping Mask

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Weight: 200grams

Model: Imselene Birds Nest Aqua Sleeping Mask

Brand: Imselene

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South Korean popular brand IMSELENE  launched nest sleep mask contains precious nest extract, collagen and vitamin E, nutrient-rich, moist texture, add the necessary nutrients for the skin, repair damaged cells, effectively enhance skin elasticity and  vitality! During sleep all night long-lasting moisturizing, skin cells  continued to increase moisture, retain water, supple texture reply! Body  wrinkle as well as help improve dull skin, more energetic!

Is extracted from natural bird's nest made  of gold, not only rich in collagen, more importantly, the bird's nest  extract containing 50% of high-quality active proteins, amino acids and  pectin, sugar, fiber, trace elements and more vitamins, which nest in  the growth of skin cells contain two essential active protein is the  key, is the ratio of its nutrients into conformity with optimal  proportions of human skin cells required. Add to cosmetics, by painting  directly into the skin cells, enhanced cell viability of renewable  energy activation of skin function, skin basic quality improvement along  with a variety of skin problems solved, and thus play a magical beauty  effect.

Suitable for:
Natural gold bird's nest products, without any side effects, suitable for all skin types.

Super Moisturizing effect, anti-aging anti-wrinkle, fade fine lines, pulling compact, repair damaged skin.

How to use:
Before sleep at night after thorough cleansing facial skin Apply evenly to the face, thickness according to personal preferences and, with proper massage helps the skin to absorb, Disposable based on individual circumstances. Can also be used as cream use.


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